These terms and conditions shall apply in connection, with reservation, booking and performance of courses or other forms of training at Complete Vocal Institute(CVI), unless otherwise agreed in writing.



2.1 A training agreement is considered as legally concluded, when a booking has been made and an invoice has been issued.

2.2 Payment of a “first payment” of 25% of the training fee shall be effected within 14 days after the training agreement is concluded (receiving the invoice). In the event, that payment of “first payment” is not effected, Complete Vocal Institute cannot guarantee the customer a place in the course in question and the agreement is thus regarded as cancelled. The customer shall, however, be requested to inform Complete Vocal Institute hereof.



3.1 Pursuant to the Danish Consumer Agreement Act (Forbrugeraftaleloven), section 17, the customer shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement.

3.2 The period of withdrawal is 14 days. This period shall in principle be calculated from the day the invoice is issued and forwarded to the customer.

3.3 In the event of withdrawal, the “first payment” and any and all other payments effected shall be reimbursed.



4.1 Up to 14 days prior to the start of the course, the customer shall have the right to cancel the booking.

4.2 Upon cancellation of the booking there shall be NO reimbursement of the “first payment”, unless otherwise stipulated in these terms and conditions or by separate agreement with Complete Vocal Institute.

4.3 In the event of cancellation later than 14 days prior to the start of the course, payment of the full training fee shall be effected, unless the customer has a right of withdrawal as stipulated in clause 3 above. The payment obligation shall apply, irrespective of whether the customer completes and/or passes the course.



5.1 Complete Vocal Institute shall have the right to decide in which class and/or level the customer shall be registered and shall inform the customer hereof no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course.

5.2 Complete Vocal Institute shall have the right to decide that if a class is cancelled it can be replaced as an online teaching class as a temporarily solution if IRL(in real life) classes is not possible due to unexpected events that makes it impossible for CVI to conduct the course.



6.1 Complete Vocal Institute shall, up to one month prior to the start of the course, be entitled to change the dates for the course. Information of any such change of dates shall be provided to the customer in writing.

6.2 Any change of dates shall be considered valid reason for cancellation of the course without loss of “first payment”.

6.3 In the event, that Complete Vocal Institute has received written notification of cancellation due to a change of dates no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course, the orderer shall be entitled to reimbursement of the “first payment”.



In the event, that the customer is prevented from participating in one or more seminars of the course in question, the customer shall be entitled to sit in as a listener in other classes, provided that such an arrangement is possible taking into consideration the number of participants, the size of the premises etc. If the number of participants in such other class is 11 or less, the customer shall furthermore be entitled to actively participate in the training, provided that the customer has a sufficient level of competency (vocal) to make such participation possible.

Complete Vocal Institute shall have the right to decide that classes can be given in an online format if this is the only option should unexpected events occur that makes it impossible for CVI to conduct the course as planned.



Any unattended or unfinished seminars of a course shall be completed no later than 12 months after the scheduled end of such course.



The customer shall, after a period of 9 months from receipt of the invoice, cf. clause 2.1 above, be entitled to terminate the agreement giving 3 months’ notice to the end of a month. If the customer terminates the agreement the costumer shall pay the full course fee and the course fee is non-refundable.



10.1 Payment of the training fee, less paid “first payment” shall be effected no later than a week before the start of the course, unless otherwise stipulated by separate agreement.

10.2 Pursuant to the Danish Interests Act (Renteloven), section 5, Complete Vocal Institute shall be entitled to claim interest on any and all outstanding amounts until payment is effected.

10.3 Complete Vocal Institute shall be entitled to request payment of an administrative charges of DKK 275 for extra instalment/arrangements or changes requirements the customer may have.

10.4 Non- payment

Complete Vocal Institute will suspend the customer, as a result, of non-payment of fees and will result in the customer being unable to take part in teaching, learning and access to teaching material.



All customers enrolled at Complete Vocal Institute courses accept that Complete Vocal Institute owns all intellectual property rights in the training material that is presented and used by Complete Vocal Institute during the training and education, including copyright in the content and composition of the courses. Complete Vocal Institute owns these rights exclusively in the whole World. The training material includes the Complete Vocal Institutes book, the app, the charts, all graphics, photos, logos, written handouts, text, the Complete Vocal Institutes manuals/manuscripts, all teaching and research material (scientific publications and research studies)

It is not permitted to use such training material in whole or in part in any way, without prior explicit written permission from Complete Vocal Institute, when the use is not directly a part of the training or education at Complete Vocal Institute. This means that copying, transmitting, broadcasting, translating, showing, explaining, displaying, distributing, modifying etc. the material, for instance on video, requires a permission from Complete Vocal Institute, notwithstanding the purpose of such use, including whether the use is commercial or non-commercial.

All customers acknowledge that unauthorized use which breach the above-mentioned terms, will be regarded as a violation of Complete Vocal Institute’s intellectual property rights and that CVI can enforce these rights according to the applicable law.



12.1 Responsibility or liability.

Except where prohibited by law, the customer understands and acknowledge that the Complete Vocal Institute assumes no responsibility or liability, in whole or in part or any events, for any delays or changes in departure or arrival times, fare changes, dishonors of hotel, airline or vehicle rental reservations, missed carrier connections, sickness, disease, injuries (including death), losses, loss of personal belongings, expenses and damages.

  1. 2 If a Complete Vocal Institute course is prevented or prohibited by; weather, strikes, acts of God, circumstances beyond the control of Complete Vocal Institute, force majeure, war, quarantine, civil unrest, public health risks, crises, government ban, criminal activity, terrorism, bankruptcies of airlines or other service providers, inconveniences, cessation of operations, mechanical defects, failure or negligence of any nature howsoever caused in connection with any accommodations, restaurant, transportation, or other service or for any substitution of hotels or of common carriers beyond Complete Vocal Institute’s reasonable control, with or without notice, or for any additional expense occasioned by any of the foregoing. If due to weather, flight schedules or other factors beyond the control of Complete Vocal Institute.

12.3 Complete Vocal Institute will in the event of a Force Majeure not be responsible for any damages or losses and the customers course fee is non-refundable, cf. 12.2.

12.4 Complete Vocal Institute will not be responsible for the customer’s own belongings, hotel, flights, transfers, booking of any art, meal cost or any other expenses. The customer’s luggage, hotel fees & bookings, air travel and personal belongings are entirely at the customer’s own risk.

12.5 Decline or retain.

Complete Vocal Institute reserves the right to decline to accept or retain the customer in a CVI course if, at any time, the customer’s actions or general behaviour impede the operation of the program or the rights or welfare of others. If the customer violates the laws of any country in which the customer travels or reside Complete Vocal Institute may ask the customer to leave the program.

12.6 Attending class

If the customer is prevented from attending a class or course due to illness or other circumstances and contact Complete Vocal Institute within 24 hours (before class start) Complete Vocal Institute will try and find a replacement if possible. If CVI cannot find a replacement no compensation is granted.

If a costumer forgets to cancel, no compensation is granted.

In the case that Complete Vocal Institute will use its reasonable endeavours to offer the customer additional support or replacement for a lost class, CVI will charge the customer an administration fee of DDK 250/Euro 34 for the extra work involved.

12.7 Cancellation for solo lessons (IRL and online)

Should the customer by any chance be unable to attend the booked lesson, the customer must cancel immediately by contacting the Institute. For lessons booked for a Wednesday – Sunday the cancellation should be the latest 48 hours before the booked lesson. For lessons booked for a Monday or Tuesday the lesson should be cancelled latest Friday before the booked lesson.
If the above mentioned cancellation procedures are not followed, Complete Vocal Institute will have the right to charge full payment.

12.8. Non-attendance

Non-attendance at classes due to reasons other than Complete Vocal Institutes default does not entitle the customer to refunds, extra tuition or a transfer.

12.9 No Agency. The Agreement does not create any agency, partnership, or joint venture between the customer and Complete Vocal Institute.



Any dispute arising in connection, with the interpretation of these general terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of the training agreement itself, which cannot be settled amicably between the parties, shall be settled in accordance with Danish law and before a Danish court.

Copenhagen, March 2022