Cathrine Sadolin is among the leading voice researchers in the world. Her research across all vocal styles, combined with her own experiences as a professional singer, has inspired innovative thinking within the field. The research into developing Complete Vocal Technique is an ongoing process, and the book is being continually updated, as new results emerge. Cathrine’s travelling schedule to conferences around the world continues to expand.

Instruction, coaching, and production

Cathrine is the mastermind behind advanced singing techniques, useful for instruction within all musical styles. The techniques are being used for developing technical and artistic skills, solving vocal problems, and repairing worn-out voices as well as for vocal coaching and production. Having devoted most of her time to research, Cathrine now supervises a staff of highly educated and qualified singing teachers giving workshops, clinics, and masterclasses for professional singers all over the world. Occasionally Cathrine travels to capital cities to give special masterclasses herself. View schedule for Cathrine’s masterclasses.

Emergency aid

Cathrine Sadolin’s techniques and methods are highly requested for emergency aid purposes. Instant ‘emergency service’ for studios and concerts, and for professional singers who have technically difficult assignments, lose their voices, or have developed vocal problems, is offered by Complete Vocal Institute. By contacting the institute, a qualified instructor/ coach in any style of music can be arranged for.


Cathrine Sadolin and all CVI-teachers respect singers’ wishes for confidentiality, irrespective of musical styles. Everybody at Complete Vocal Institute follows a duty of confidentiality out of respect for the person behind a name.


Cathrine Sadolin is the author of book Complete Vocal Technique, considered the leading educational material for teaching professional singing techniques. The book offers radical new approaches to vocal tuition and have revolutionized the field. The concept consists of vocal modes that, when used in various combinations, cover all musical styles from classical to heavy rock. The material is now an international success, it has been translated into several languages, and it is recommended by singers, singing teachers, doctors and speech therapists worldwide. Buy the book here. Cathrine is also the producer of famous instruction video Rough, Ready and Able (1992) which stands as an early version of Complete Vocal Technique as it is known today.

Singer, composer, and instrumentalist

Cathrine has performed around Europe as a classical singer as well as a rock singer, she has sung with The Danish National Radio Choir, performed with jazz and rock bands, and has taken part in film, radio, TV, musical and rock opera. She has recorded several albums, including one featuring Spanish classical songs, and the new age CD Airdance which was released in 16 countries. Cathrine was the singer and composer of the heavy rock CD Ancient Fire, and her latest release is the CD TODAY which is folk-rock with added funk, jazz, and Celtic folk music. Cathrine sings and plays 12-string guitar, accordion, bodhran, spoons and other percussion. She sings in various rock and folk bands.

Music and politics

Cathrine Sadolin is also involved in music from a political point of view and continually works on the further education of professional musicians and singers.