If a singer or teacher is sick (has a cold, cough, fever, sneeze etc.) with the risk of infecting fellow singers, the singer or teacher cannot attend classes at CVI.

If a singer has been denied admission to class due to illness/risk of contamination, the singer is allowed to connect to the specific lesson through communication-platforms like Zoom etc. via a classmate and hereby participate actively in class.

This rule has been made to ensure that all singers and teachers at CVI are protected as well as possible while being at CVI. Singers and teachers at CVI rely on the healthiness of the voice for teaching and/or performance purposes in their daily lives

If a singer, by his/her own judgment, is not contagious but merely recovering from an illness (like the aftermath of a cold for ex.) CVI encourages these singers to strategically place themselves further back in class in order to minimize potentially disturbing, “sickness-related” sounds.

CVI and teachers in classes reserve the right to deny a person the possibility of being physically present in class, to protect the health of others.

Furthermore, to minimize potential spreading of disease, CVI has put up disinfecting Alco-gel dispensers at the Institute.


CVI on missed classes

If a singer misses a class/seminar, it is usually not possible to retrieve the specific tutoring at a later point.

Under special circumstances, and in collaboration with an administrator at CVI, it is sometimes possible to facilitate a plan that allows the singer to retrieve the lost tutoring at a later point.