If you would like to try out the possibilities CVT has to offer for free, this is your opportunity! The attendants at our international 3-year Singer/ Teacher Diploma course in Copenhagen are using test singers as part of their training. All attendants at the 3-year course are professional and at the highest level.

As a test singer at CVI you will receive approx. 20 minutes free training or on selected days, a full master class with fellow singers and teachers. Whether you have a specific challenge to work with, or you just want to try something new – signing up as a CVI test singer is the obvious choice to help improve your singing.

It is not required that you know anything about Complete Vocal Technique to become a CVI test singer. The minimum age  for attending as a CVI test singer is 18 years of age.

Sign up as test singer


If you have questions about being a testsinger, please contact our front office: