Remember when practising if something feels wrong or gives discomfort, your voice is trying to tell you that you are doing something wrong. Respect these warning signs! Remember:

  • Singing should always feel comfortable.
  • The technique must have the intended effect immediately otherwise the training is not being done correctly.
  • If an exercise hurts or feels uncomfortable or wrong, then it IS wrong. You are the only one who knows how it feels, so trust your judgement.

Use the the vowel ‘I’ (as in ‘sit’), choose a beat and divide it into two (eighth notes or quavers). Then divide it into three (triplets), then into four (sixteenth notes or semiquavers) and then into six (sixteenth triplets or semiquaver triplets). Practise increasing and decreasing the tempo and use a metronome if you wish.

Use for example three, four or five pulsations per beat in the grid. On the first pulsation of every third, fourth or fifth sing a different note (in other words, change note on every beat). Once you can do this, sing a scale up and down through three notes. When you are comfortable with this, go up to six or more pulsations per beat and repeat the scale. Repeat the exercise starting half a tone higher each time.