Complete Vocal Technique is a pioneering and innovative approach, highly useful for anyone interested in the voice, professionals as well as beginners. The techniques can be used in all styles of singing. This book is recommended by singers, singing teachers, actors, speech therapists and doctors internationally. Click here to read more about the CVT app and get the latest version for your tablet or smartphone (available on both iOS and Android).
Please note that the various language version of the CVT book are from different years and are not all the same version. This means that some of the books are not completely updated, depending on which edition the book is. This does not mean that the books contain wrong information, just that some new information is not yet included and will be added once a new version of the language is printed. Here is an overview of the various books, languages, and what year the latest edition was updated: English book updated Apr 2021 Danish update Apr 2012 Spanish Nov 2014 Polish April 2014 Italian Nov 2013 German update Oct 2013 Netherlands update Aug 2013 Finish updated in Mar 2011 French book released in fall 2010 Swedish updated Aug 2009 Before you decide whether to get a book or the app, you might want to take a look on the advantages of the CVT App:
  • Contains everything from the book, and much more, including:
    • 323 Chapters on ‘Complete Vocal Technique’
    • 950 Sound Examples in the CVT Sound Library
    • 68 Offline Videos from the CVT Research Footage
    • 288 Illustrations for visual explanation
    • 259 Time-codes links to YouTube from published recordings by a variety of artists which represent good, “real life” examples of the techniques described by CVT.
    • CVT Research footage, articles and explanations
  • Always up to date, with free updates (The app is updated 1-2 times a year)
  • Exist for both IOS and Android
  • Universal app for iPhone & iPad
Comes in a free Intro Version, you can check out before buying.