Sound Library

Here you get access to the library of sounds that refers to the voice and song examples in the book Complete Vocal Technique. To get access to the library you need the download code printed on the inside of the back cover of the CVT book.



  • You can use your download code up to 3 times
  • Please enter your download code exactly as it is printed
  • Do not confuse the letter “O” with “0”(Zero)
  • Do not use mobil phones or tablets for download


Enter download code:

In any case of technical problems, send an e-mail to:





'Golden' 2016

1-year Course

Sign up for our popular 1-year course at CVI is open. The 1-year singer course is aimed at singers who wish to improve their singing skills. The course is open to singers from all genres of music. Click here for more information and sign up.

Now 10 languages

Recently we have released Complete Vocal Technique in Spanish. The Book is now available in 10 languages: English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish,Polish and now Spanish. Go to bookstore

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